Elite Repro

Elite Reproductive Services LLC is a full service embryo transfer and reproductive company. We have extensive knowledge and real world experience in all aspects of livestock production. Whether your business is registered seed stock, club calf or commercial cattle, we have the technology and expertise to assist your operation.



Through our conventional embryo transfer services we can greatly enhance the genetic possibilities within your operation. These services include embryo collection, transfer of embryos and embryo cryopreservation.


IVF is another option for the production of embryos from our clients most valued females. With this service we can rapidly produce embryos to be transferred fresh or can be frozen to be transferred at a later time.



AI is a great option for breeders in all segments of cow calf production. Industry leading sires can be used through AI to specifically mate individual cows to optimize genetics and or phenotype of the desired offspring or breed entire groups of replacement heifers to proven calving ease bulls with superior growth and carcass traits all in one day.



Ultrasound is a tool that can greatly enhance management decisions within a herd. Allow us to assist you with early pregnancy detection, fetal sexing and reproductive soundness exams.



We offer several recipient options such as Weaned Calf Program and Pregnant Recipient Program. Through these programs we are able to assist in putting more of your genetics on the ground. Being cattlemen first we understand the importance of a physically and reproductively sound female and we work hard at providing high quality surrogates.


We understand that our customers are trusting us with their most valued cattle and that is why we take a great pride in caring for and handling these females. Our facility is designed for a stress free spacious stay while they are with us. We also offer all of our services on farm with our mobile lab specifically designed for embryo transfer. We can provide these services in a controlled environment allowing for the upmost attention to detail and success as possible.